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DianHua Audio Dictionary

4.4 ( 9424 ratings )
辞書/辞典/その他 教育
開発者 JSQ, LLC
4.99 USD

DianHua Audio Dictionary is a Chinese English Dictionary and Study Tool for iOS including audio pronunciation of all words and phrases. Using data from the CC-CEDICT project, DianHua Audio Dictionary provides search support for English, Mandarin Pinyin (with or without tones), Traditional Characters, Simplified Characters, and mixed searches consisting of any combination of the above.

Other features of the DianHua Audio Dictionary include:

- Audio: Hear clear pronunciations of all entries in the dictionary.

- Search History: All search terms entered into the Search field are stored in your Search History. Touch any term in the list to see the results.

- Bookmarks: Arrange all of the words you are studying into a nested hierarchy of Folders.

- Writing Practice: Under the Study tab, you can practice typing or writing characters using any of the iPhones Simplified or Traditional keyboards, including the character drawing keyboards. Choose whether you want to see Pinyin and/or English for the prompt and draw or type the appropriate Chinese character into the box provided.

- Flashcards: Select any combination of Audio, Traditional, Simplified, English, and Pinyin for the Front and Back of the cards and grade your confidence in your answer. If you choose to use the Difficulty sorting algorithm, more difficult words will be shown more often than words you tend to answer correctly.

- Numbers: Convert numeric entries to Simplified and/or Traditional variants including their Banking equivalents. Touch the audio icon to hear arbitrary numbers spoken.

- Search from your browser, sync between multiple devices, export, and import data.

Samples of the audio included in the DianHua Audio Dictionary may be found
on the JSQ, LLC web site.