DianHua Audio Dictionary App Reviews

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Good app

Being able to draw characters in this app would make it EXCELLENT. Please implement this!! Would recommend to everyone I meet

Very Good

It does exactly what they advertise. Quick and easy to work with. Clear pronunciation, good search engine.

4.0 does not work

just upgraded to 4.0 and: - app crashes twice before actually starting. every time. - if i try to log in it wont let me - if i skip log in it will warn me i should log in, anyway finally starts - tried to search english, pinyin, chinese characters: will search forever and no result to cu a long story short: new app simply wont work, it needs a mega bug fix earlier than asap

Audio is a must have for those learning Chinese

I have been waiting for a good audio dictionary to come out and so far it looks to be very accurate and useful as I already knew a few words before. My GF and her family speak Chinese and I dont so learning Chinese is a must. Hopefully with this new dictionary version 2.0 combined with the audio will help me learn more little by little. A must get if you already have the dictionary and fair price!

Sorry I invested

The audio package is OK and one can definitely benefit from it. There is a lack of example to demostrate usage of the words. The total unit is rather quite disapponting.

I wish the Sounds were in the flashcards

The sounds are clear and at a speed which makes it easy to recognize the tones. My only suggestion would be to link the sounds to the study flashcards in the dictionary. When I use the flashcards to study, it would be great if I could access the sounds to confirm my pronunciation. ,谢谢

Audio is clear

Add this one!!

New audio

Thank you. Now this app is awesome and well worth the Money. This will really help me learn now. Highly recommended!! Thanks

Yes this is what I want!

It was really annoying to switch back and forth between the two applications to just listen to the pronounciation. This inconvenience is now resolved. Can you guys allow all words be pronounced instead of me hunting from the list to see which ones have the pronounciation logo?

Yes, get it!

Yes, this app is well-worth the money--this has everything you need (with the DianHua free dictionary) to reinforce your Chinese vocabulary--now all it needs is stroke animation (so you can see the stroke order), but you can easily find the vocabulary you need to reinforce, put it in a flashcard pile, and test/reinforce your characters with ease. Looks good on the iPad (in the 2x mode) too.

Near Perfect

I decided to take a semester break from my computer science curriculum and begin learning Chinese in China. This application has thus far served as an incredible tool for learning the Chinese language. Among the other iPhone dictonary/study applications for learning Mandarin, this one takes the cake. Looking up unfamiliar vocabulary is really easy with Apples international keyboards. The audio library has helped me distiguish tones very well. But the way that the flash cards work is the real goldmine. I can go from (audio | pinyin/simplified character/english) to (english | pinyin) to any other configuration in a couple clicks, which allows me to study for every quiz format. Well worth the money. I say that its near perfect because there are a few changes Id like to see. - Because Im taking Chinese in a classroom setting, there are a few occasions where I need to learn a phrase, such as "watching the television". While the CCEDIT dictionary is comprehensive when it comes to characters, the phrases are lacking. Id like to have the ability to create my own flashcards. - Whenever I study with physical flashcards, I tend to use an iterative study process (like the Leitner system). I think something like this would be an extremely valueable addition to the application. - Stroke Diagrams

Great app! Got to buy this!

This is an amazing app, the pronounciation is very clear, you can make your own flash cards by creating folders. I am using this to make daily lessons for my 10 year old. Very useful, well worth it.

Dian Hua Chinese Dictionary is excellent

Simple to use and easy to understand. The pronunciations are excellent...well worth the five USD they charge. Red G, Fort Worth, TX


This app is great for people trying to learn Chinese. I can now study on the train with headphones for audio.

The Best

This is absolutely the best to create custom flash cards, listen to proper sounds, learn pinyin, quick definitions and break down the meaning of each character. Try the others you will come back and buy Dianhua. Their free dictionary is also excellent. Only wish: better oriented to iPad and the ability to record and plat back sounds for practice Great app and well worth the money.

Great App

This is one of the best apps I have found for reference and pronunciation, however, it is still lacking in the example category. Similar apps from Chinese to english offer many uses of the word. It would be especially useful to learn structure.

New Version has problems

Overall this is the best dictionary I have. Newest version needs to be fixed ASAP! Does not open or crashes every time

Good app, a few growing pains

New version crashed a lot on launch at first, and syncing took a long time initially. Contacted developer, who explained the issues, and after a couple launches to overwrite bad data and do a complete sync, it runs perfectly and fast.

Newest update

Ive used this app for years; loved it. Newest update has rendered the app useless. Please fix!

Doesnt Open

I just updated this application. It looks like the icon for the app changed. Nice. Only problem now is that it doesnt even open anymore. When I tap the icon the screen appears to open then closes immediately. Please fix this issue. Thank you

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